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surge protection

There are several sources of power surges. They can originate from outside the home, during power grid switching and overvoltages on utility lines, or from inside your home, such as when turning on and off large appliances.

Although large power surges from sources such as lightning and downed power lines are fairly uncommon, small power surges occur every single day the electrical system is used. These small, but frequent power surges can deteriorate electronic items and shorten their lifespans.


Installation of a whole home surge protector system

Protect your home with the latest surge protection. This will prevent catastrophe from wreaking havoc on your entire home wiring and appliances.


Surge Protector testing and diagnosis

Its important to have a proper test perform to make sure you surge protector is up to date and can withstand the surges we see in modern electrical systems


Removal and installation of your current surge protector

Modern power supplies are exceeding those of ten years ago. Don’t get stuck with an underperforming surge protector.


One of our well-versed technicians cant help diagnose the issue and repair

A knowledgeable technician should always install a surge protector system on your home. 

SPD’S (Whole Home Surge Protector)

Whole-house surge protection devices (SPDs) are the best defense against power surges of any magnitude. They are typically connected to a home’s electrical service box but located in a more convenient location for easy accessibility. Modern surge protectors use metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to shunt power surges.

While point-of-use surge protectors are better than nothing, they probably can’t shunt large surges from external sources, such as lighting and other high-energy surges. For damage from direct lightning strikes, you will need a professional to install your whole home surge protector.

Though MOVs in common surge strips can be destroyed after a powerful surge, the ones used in whole-house systems are made to shunt large surges and last for years. Modern homes with expensive electrical systems often come standard with whole-home surge protectors as an added safety feature.


Lightning strikes


Power outages


Tripped circuit breakers


Short circuits


Power transitions in other large equipment on the same power line


Malfunctions caused by the power company


And Many More…

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