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Panel Upgrades

Your home depends on the electrical panel and safely wired outlets to keep a steady flow of electricity to your appliances. At TRD Electric, we make sure these electrical elements are safely and professionally installed. Ask our licensed electricians to inspect your electrical panel or to conduct your rewiring project today.

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Smart Panels

An industry first, TRD Electric Goes Smart! Leviton offers single app control of the Leviton Smart Load Center and the Decora Smart™ Wi-Fi® product lines, enabling users to seamlessly control load center activities and home lighting from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet

Take power to new heights with the award winning Leviton Load Center – the industry’s
most intelligent circuit breaker system available
today. With optional smart circuit breakers, users
can get insights on energy usage and control
their panel like never before.

Energy Use

  • View real-time energy consumption: total aggregate, individual circuit, or trends by day, week, month, and year
  • Calculate your approximate total energy cost per month


  • Remotely turn OFF any circuit breaker1
  • View system status in real-time and detect if critical loads need to be addressed

Alerts & Updates

  • Know when and why a circuit breaker trips
  • Be informed if a load is ON or not drawing power for an extended time
  • Via remote firmware updates, get the latest protection capabilities and newest features


New Service or replace current panel

An older home might still have the old fuse-style panels. It’s important to upgrade to breaker-style panels to reduce the risk of fire. With a new home, we offer the lastest and great panels on the market to modernize your home for the future


Repairing bad breakers or faulty wiring

Panels see a lot of use you might not think about. When you turn on your washer to AC System or even your fridge compressor. It’s important to have these functions properly. 

Some Emergency Repairs

A valuable line of defense in protecting your home, a circuit breaker gives off some pretty clear warning signs that let you know a repair is in order. Along with flickering lights and poor performance from appliances, pay attention to a circuit breaker that:


Gives off a burning smell from the electrical panel. The wires and insulation may have become overheated.


Trips frequently and won’t remain reset. This means the circuit breaker has failed.


Gives off sparks from the panel and/or you notice scorch marks on it, outlets, or appliances. This means the wiring has melted.


Has wires sticking out from the panel.

And Many More…

Emergency Service

(610) 601-9015

The heart of your entire electrical setup is your electric panel, and to ensure that your electrical setup always works as dependably and as safely as possible, you need to make sure your home sports a dependable system. Of course, over time, your old Panel may wind up being insufficient for your needs. Should that time come, you can always give us a call for a professional upgrade. We’ll provide quick, dependable work to outfit your home with a dependable new system that will give you many years of reliable use, guaranteed.